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Johnny CalviΓ±o

Frontend Developer

Father of two Jedi, enthusiast of new technologies.

A little about me

πŸ”­ I currently work for AlveaΒ -Β BBVA

πŸ‘― I can collaborate in any project and even more so if they improve people's lives.

🐟 I like fish and all that it involves

🚁 I like drones, but especially freestyle drones

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»You can see all my public projects at @gantit

πŸ“ I try to write articles in the blog

πŸ’¬ Let's talk about React, Node, JavaScript, NextJs

πŸ“« You can contact me at [email protected]


Front-End Developer Alvea BBVA

November 2021 / present

Development, creation and maintenance in ember or lit-element of new functionalities for the bank's mobile app, I also develop and maintain unit and end-to-end testing of the application.

Javascript Developer Vicens Vives Digital

July 2018 / Octobre 2021

Refactor and development for the application that allows the follow up of the students with the teacher, the whole application is based on the activities that have the books of the house. Allowing the teacher to have a better and greater monitoring of the progress of his student.

Creation and implementation of a platform of individual activities so that students can do the activities in their own way.

Front-End Developer Innofis|CREALOGIX

February 2016 / June 2018

Contribute with the development of two applications, a loyalty platform for and the development and structure of a hybrid application for riyad bank







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